SHIN Hyunjoon

SHIN Hyunjoon (Associate Professor)

SHIN Hyunjoon graduated from the faculty of economics at Seoul National University and received Ph.D. by the dissertation about the change of Korean music industry in the age of globalization (“Globalization and Localization of Music Industry System: with the Emphasis on Korea”). He is a research professor at the Institute for East Asian Studies in Sungkonghoe University and visiting fellow of Asia Research Institute (ARI) at the National University of Singapore (NUS). His major interest field is millennium identity with relation to popular music, “music and politics,” popular culture and cultural research. Recently his attention is concentrated at the changes in the music industry and music consumption caused by digital technology. As the main his books there are “Alternative Culture and Rock Music 1/2” (1996/7), “Global, Local Korean Music Industry” (2001), “Into the World Music” (2003), “Archeology of Korean Pop Music of 1960’s/ 1970’s” (2005) and others.