Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School


The IEAS at Sungkonghoe University heads an executive body that manages the IACSS Consortium and organization,management, and administration of Summer Schools as a member of IACSS (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society). The IACSS headquarters in Seoul houses a representative international society in Asian area studies and was founded in 1998 by central figures in media and culture research from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, and Hong-Kong. IACSS publishes an internationally prestigious journal, ‘Inter-Asia Cultural Studies’ and hosts a biennial international academic conference. Previous conference locations have been Turkey, Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo. IACSS has also designed and promoted the IACSS Summer Camp as an open forum for discussing common interests and pending issues among young cultural researchers, practitioners in cultural fields, and well-known scholars. At the fifth IACSS academic conference hosted in Japan in Summer 2009, we decided on the composition of an IACSS Consortium for an Asian joint degree course. At the Consortium TF conference in January 2010, we decided to hold the inaugural meeting of the IACSS Consortiumin July and agreed that the Summer Camp be awarded a higher status as an annual educational program open to all graduates majored in Asian cultural studies. We also consulted and approved the installing of an executive office for a new Consortium and Summer School at Sungkonghoe University in Seoul. The IEAS at Sungkonghoe University was in charge of the 2008 Summer Camp and we will fulfill our duty as a hostingbody for future Summer Schools. The IEAS, moreover, will contribute to the cultivation of consecutive generations in Asian Cultural Studies by coordinating the graduate course of Asian cultural studies at Sughkonghoe University and the IACSS Summer School as a joint exercise. Eminent professors and graduates who belong to those institutes for cultural studies that have joined MOU lists with IEAS (Institutes are situated at 23 universities in 10 Asian countries), who work for these institutes, study in any departments concerned, or attend a course for M.A. or Ph.D. degree programs in cultural studies or an educational program can take part in IACSS Summer Schools from 2010.The IACSS Summer School will be hosted annually by IACSS and one of the participating universities that supervise IACSS Summer Schools. 23 institutes kave joined the MOU/IEAS partnership and professors that attended the IACSS Consortium will discuss and develop programs and curriculums for subsequent IACSS Summer Schools and decide on the professoriate, evaluation systems, and lecture methods. Students who participate in the Summer School can earn 2-3 official credits that can be formally approved in their original universities when students attend courses at the Summer School and complete their work successfully. The IACSS Summer School is also connected with the implementation of ‘Dual Degrees in Inter-Asian Cultural Studies’ which is the main goal of IACSS Consortium. The IACSS Summer School will successively be held in a main city or country where one of the 23 MOU contractdepartments or institutes is located and the members of steering committee will decide textbooks, professors, curriculums, and programs.


Inter-Asia Summer School: