KIM MiRan (Associate Professor)


Miran, Kim is currently a HK Professor research professor of the The Institute of East Asian Studies in Sungkonghoe University. She was visiting scholar of Chinese Literature in Tsing hua University(2000) and Center for Chinese Cultural Studies in Shanghai University(2005), also is a member of the Center for Women’s Culture & Theory in Korea. She received her Ph. D. from Yonsei University. Her doctoral dissertation work is A Study on Hu Feng’s Anti Feudalism Thougut(1997). She went through researches on Chinese women’s studies, pop culture and cultural border crossing among Asian countries, considering about gender problem and modernization in Asia. She has published many books and articles on these themes including ≪Searching for Chinese Women’s life – State?Gender?Culture≫, (monograph, 2009), ≪Miss Sophi’s Diary≫ (translation, 2009)
≪Meet Chinese Contemporary Literature≫, (collaboration, 2006,) ≪China halliu, how should we understand?≫,(collaboration, 2006), ≪Why China accepted halliu?≫(collaboration, 2004), “The Strategy to Enrich and Strengthen a Nation and its Dramatic Representation by Generation: an analysis of ‘Sheng Wei shu ji'(省委書記, 1998) and ‘DA Shi'(Diditalized Army, 2002)”(2004), “Modernization and Korean Women Movement: Intention and Intersection of the Feminist Discourse of Korea, China, and Japan during the nineteen eighties to nineties”(2003), “A Study on the Chinese Popular Culture of the 1990s: an analysis of a TV soap opera, ‘Ke Wang‘(渴望)”(2003), “Ding Ling’s Female Consciousness: an examination on her ‘Muqin'(母親)”(2003)”, “Ding ling Zhuan” (A biography of Ding Ling, 1998).