Graduate Course

Department of International Culture Studies, Graduate School of Sungkonghoe University

It was founded to foster communication and cultural researchers who will lead the dynamic change of Asia in the globalization and localization age and to view and practice Asia as a multicultural peace community.
The curriculum at the Department of International Cultural Studies aims to overcome the postcolonial and neo-liberal disciplines of neo-liberalism, establishing alternative regional and political politics, and through this, regional / inter-Asia, We aim to cultivate practical culture to establish a mode of production.
Understanding of the history, reality, regional contextualization and practice of cultural production and transnational cultural composition at the Asian level beyond the national state through the educational programs, and based on the inter-Asian perspective, problematic framework and methodology, Equal Cultural Practices and multi-layered cultural politics that seek the formation path of Asia are implemented in the curriculum.
Beyond the national, ethnic, and cultural boundaries, the next generation of talent aims to lead cultural production seeking equal and sustainable coexistence between race, ethnicity, class, and gender, and to promote exchanges and solidarity at the Asian level. To this end, the Consortium for Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Institutions (CIACSI) was established for the establishment of a cooperative academic degree with the departments, graduate schools and research institutes of 22 universities in 10 Asian countries. CIACSI supports Asian regional studies such as cooperative production of new Asian knowledge, research, and education system, research cooperation among participating institutions, exchanges of human and knowledge resources, joint curriculum and joint textbook development for spreading critical and alternative cultural practice And activate it.


* You can see more information about the curriculum and the faculty members at “Introduction to the Graduate School of Sungkonghoe University