YUN Youngdo

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YUN Youngdo (Assisatant Professor)   YUN Young Do, HK Professor research professor of the Institute for East Asian studies at Sungkonghoe University, was born in 1971. He graduated undergraduate and graduate school of Yonsei University in Chinese Language and Literature major. In 2005 he earned Ph. D. His dissertation work is “A Study of Western […]

[International Conf.]IACS CONFERENCE 2017

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IACS CONFERENCE 2017 | JULY 28-30, 2017 | Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, South Korea 1. ORGANISERS/SUPPORTERS Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society (IACSS) Institution for East Asian Studies (IEAS) at Sungkonghoe University Korean Association of Cultural Studies, School of Film, TV & Multimedia at Korea National University of Arts Supporters: National Research Foundation of Korea  … 2. THEME STATEMENT  “Worlding: Asia Beyond/After […]

[International Conf.]Desperate Youths in Disparate Cities: Affects, Practices, Spaces of Urban Youth Activism in Asia

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[Symposium] |Date: 2017.6.10-11 |Place: New Millennium Hall 7417, Sungkonghoe University |Organized By: Institute for East Asian Studies, Graduate School of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies |Sponsored By: National Research Foundation of Korea   Desperate Youths in Disparate Cities: Affects, Practices, Spaces of Urban Youth Activism in Asia It is not an exaggeration to say that the discipline […]

2010, the 1st Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School

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Host Institute for East Asian Studies at SungKongHoe University Joint Hosts Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu, Taiwan), Center for the Study of Culture and Society (Bangalore, India), Cultural Studies Program in Inter-Faculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University (Hong Kong), Program in Cultural Studies, Shanghai University (Shanghai, […]