07   International Conference of Inter-Asia cultural Studies 2017 “Worlding, Asia Beyond Globalization”

06   International Symposium “Desperate Youths in Disparate Cities: Affects, Practices, Spaces of Urban Youth Activism in Asia”

02   2017 Woo-doong-bool performance arts playground with Guro local youth



12    Inter-Asia Pop Culture Studies Conference

07   The 4th International Conference on Korea-China Gender “The Change of Family, Childbirth, and Job Site”

06   The Birth of Cold War – Partition in Asia : Postwar New Order and Ideological Psychology by US

06   Distinguished  Lecture by Professor CHEN Kuan-Hsing “Inter-Asia and the Perspective of Global Ideological Movement: Envisioning a Grounded Global Intellectual Movement”

03 Looking back at Gentrification: Asian Applications and Responses



12   The 5th Shanghai-Seoul Young Scholars Forum “Affective Youth in East Asia” (co-hosted by the Center of Chinese Contemporary Cultural Studies at Shanghai University)

12   International Symposium Workshop on Asian Pop Music “Asian Pop Music: History and Prospects”

11   International Rosa Luxemburg Convention “Asian Socialism and European Socialism”

08   3rd International Conference on Korea-China Gender: “Population, Body and Place: Population Policy and Gender of China, China and Japan in the Low Fertility Age” (Co-sponsored by Tianjin Normal University, China)

07   IEAS Open Class “Visual History – More than East Asian liberation and war”(Co-hosted by Humanist Publishing Co.)

05   International Conference “Place Making / Taking-Place in Asian Cities: Against ‘Development’, Beyond ‘Gentrification’ “

04   Distinguished Lecture – Benedict Anderson “Paradox of Overseas Chinese Identity – Focused on Thailand”

02   Asian Socialism Workshop “Hong Kong / Taiwan”

01   IEAS Open Class “Read Capital “(2016.2.2 ~ 2.14)



11   International Conference “Overlapping Boundaries – Stalled, Omura Camps, Korean Residents in Japan”

07   Distinguished Lecture: Tessa Morris-Suzuki “Misunderstood War: Thinking of Japan, the Korean War and Collective Masturbation”

07   IEAS Open Class: “Movie Production Lecture for the First Open Film Festival”

06   The 4th Shanghai-Seoul Young Scholars Forum “Cities and Senses: The Location of Youth”

03   Renamed into the Graduate Course of International Cultural Studies



09   Symposium and Book Concert for the 10th Anniversary of IEAS

04   International Conference “How to Write Inter-Asia Pop Studies Collectively: The Difficulties of Collaborative Research “

03   Distinguished Lecture by Professor Sun Ge(å­«æ­Œ, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) “Modern / Postmodern / Asian and East Asian” Resistance “

03   International Conference “Birth of Cold War Asia: New China and Korea War”



07   The 2nd Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School (Bangalore, India)

04   International Conference “Migrating Asia: Borders of the Colonial, Cold War, Division System and the Spaces of the Nation”

03   The name of the graduate school major was changed from ‘Asian Culture Studies’ to ‘InterAsia Cultural Studies’.



12   International Conference on Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Dhaka Conference “Cultural Transformations: Development Initiatives and Social Movements”

10   Social Topic Debate “Fukushima Nuclear Power, Asking for Nuclear Energy”

07   the 2nd IEAS Open Class “Cultural politics of urban spectacle and Pop Asianism”

06   Publication of The Lines Vol.2 (English Journal)

04   Social Topic Debate “The Age of Chimerica G2” (Co-organized with Hwanghae Culture and Hankyoreh Newspaper)

01   the 5th Woo-doong-bool Performing Arts Playground for Guro-gu Children and Youth “



10   The 2nd Korea-China Gender Colloquium “Finding the Movement of Asian Women’s Studies” (sponsored by Tianjin Normal University, China)

08   International Forum “Asian Cultural Politics and Film Censorship”

07   The 3rd Shanghai-Seoul Youth Forum “Hosted by the Crisis, the Society and the Culture in East Asia” (China, Shanghai, China) Co-sponsored by research center)

07   Co-hosted the 1st IACS Summer School (Seoul)

07   Elected to the Secretariat of “Consortium of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (CIACSI)”

06 ~ 09  the 2nd IEAS Open Class (Citizens’ Lecture) “Daily life and culture of Asian youth”

05   Inaugurated the journal “The Lines“(vol.1)

03   The Graduate Course in Asian Cultural Studies launched at Sungkonghoe University



11   [International Symposium] SPICES 2009 “Agency, Activism, and Alternatives”

08  published Cold War Asian Cultural Landscape 2: 1960s~70s as a part of  the IEAS series

05  Transferred of “Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School” Office to the IEAS. . [International Symposium] “Cultural Production in East Asia – Focusing on Emerging Cultural Subjects

02   The 1st Korea-China Gender Colloquium “Searching for Flexible Women’s Studies – State . Gender . Knowledge” (co-hosted with Gender and Society Development Institute, Tianjin Normal University, China)

01   “The 3rd Woo-Doong-Bool (Bonfire) performing Art Playground for Children and Youth in Guro-gu” (co-hosted with Namoodak Movement Lab)



10   Humanities Asia, “Humanism and Humanities in Asia  (co-hosted with Institute of Humanities at Chungang Univ)

07   “The 2nd Woo-Doong-Bool (Bonfire) performing Art Playground for Children and  Youth in Guro-gu” (co-hosted with Namoodak Movement Lab)

06    The 1st Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School(co-hosted with Graduate   School of Communication & Arts and Graduate Program in Culture and Gender   Studies of Yonsei Univ., Korea National Univ. of Arts, and Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society) . [International Symposium] “Discourse and Practices of Cultural Regulation   in East Asia”

04   Conducted  Signboard Hanging Ceremony of “Institute for East Asian Studies”

03   Independent Documentary Festival Forum “The Present and Possibility of the Taiwanese Documentary”

02   published Cold War Asian Cultural Landscape 1 : 1940s~50s as a part of the IEAS (Institute of East Asian Studies)  series

02  “The 1st Woo-Doong-Bool (Bonfire) performing Art Playground for Children and Youth in Guro-gu” (co-hosted with Namoodak Movement Lab)



11   “Asia as ‘Culture’: Reconstructing Asia through Ideology, Institution, Every-day life” selected as a Research Project for Humanities Korea(HK) Program in KRF

08   “Critical Approach to the  ‘Production’ and ‘Regulation’ of Culture in East Asia”  selected as a Research Project in 2007 Fundamental Studies Supporting Program, KRF

04   [International Symposium] “Dynamics of Cold War Culture in East Asia: Cultural Changes and Cultural Politics of Nation States in East Asia during 1960s and 70s” (co-hosting with Democracy and Social Movement Institute(DaSMI) at Sungkonghoe Univ.)



12   The 2nd Seoul-Sanghai Youth Scholar Forum “Socialism and Capitalism in the Cold War Period : Cultural Issues in the Formation of Asian Nation States” (cosponsored with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Cultural Studies at Shanghai Univ.)

09   History and Culture Academy “Dreaming for Co-existed Korean Wave beyond the Boundary of Nationalism” [cosponsored with KPAF(The Korean People Artist Federation) in Jeju]

04   [International Symposium] “The Reorganization of Post-Colonial East Asia and the Development of ‘Cultural Cold-War’/’Cold-War Culture’ (1940s~50s)”



11   The 1st Seoul-Shanghai Youth Scholar Forum entitled as “Rethinking Nationalism, Re-imagining Regionalism in East Asia” (co-hosted with the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Cultural Studies at Shanghai Univ.)

09   “A Study on the Formation of ‘National Culture’ and Intra-regional Culture Communication in East Asia during the Cold War Period” as Humanities and Social Sciences Development Project in Fundamental Studies Fostering Program, KRF

07   [International Symposium] “Translocal and a-National Politics in Asian Pop Music” (co-hosted with The Korean Association for Study of Popular Music(KASPM))

05   [International Symposium] “East Asian Popular Culture and (Post-) Nationalism”

02   [International Symposium] 2005 International Seminar for Asian Popular Culture Studies, “Global Modernity and the Formation of Asian Pop Culture: Americanization or Hybridization?”



11   [International Symposium] “Reading the Peace and History of Northeast Asia” (co-hosted with “Hwanghae Review”)

10   [International Symposium] “Asian Traditional Arts Festival, Seeking the Roots of Asian Culture; The Difference and Identity of Asia”

04   [Domestic Conference] “Studies on Cultural Exchange in the East Asian and its Future Strategies” (co-hosted with The Korean Society of Modern Chinese Literature)



12   The 2nd East Asian Cultural Community Forum (co-hosted with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

09   “An Introspective Study on Exchange of Popular Culture in East Asia” as Humanities and Social Sciences Development Project in Fundamental Studies Fostering Program, Korea Research Foundation (KRF)

03   Institute for East Asian Studies affiliated with the Center for Culture and Information Studies at Sungkonghoe University established



02   The 1st East Asian Cultural Community Forum