About IEAS

About IEAS

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Institute for East Asian Studies(IEAS)

is a post-doctoral level interdisciplinary research institute. IEAS wasestablished in March 2003 under the umbrella of the Institute for Culture and Information Studies of SungKongHoe University.

The initiative for the founding of IEAS began with the opening of theForum for East Asian Cultural Community in February 2002, which wasgeared towards cultural communication and co-existence within EastAsia. In the course of hosting scholarly conferences and cultural projects, academic researchers and artists from South Korea, China and Japan began to raise the need for a research body to specialize inAsian culture.

Amid neoliberal globalization, and regionalism as a reaction and adaptation to it, discourses on East Asia articulated in SouthKorea at that time were permeated with the national security and economic cooperation matters and failed to present new initiatives aboutAsia. Out of this, the germination for the inception of IEAS emerged.

IEAS primarily aims to produce inter-Asia knowledges through comprehensive research on the historical formations of and current dynamics in cultures of the Asian region. Furthermore, IEAS, instead of remaining isolatedin academia from rapidly changing realities of the region, pursues a praxis that contributes to overcoming theunfortunate state of relations existing between nation states in Asia in modern times while maintaining rigorousrelationships with specific realities.  To this end, IEAS, intends to go beyond examinations of exchanges ofculture mediated by the nation state to explore the cultural potential of translocal publics that are not easilysubsumed by the nation state, and to carry out a series of projects exploring substantial communications andlinkages among them. In the future,

IEAS plans to further expand its scope of research through sustaining collaboration with institutions that share common interests, and to expand and restructure itself into the Institute for Cultural Studies in Asia (tentatively named) that hosts a graduate program component. IEAS objectives include:

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