2010, the 1st Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Summer School


Institute for East Asian Studies at SungKongHoe University

Joint Hosts

Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu, Taiwan),
Center for the Study of Culture and Society (Bangalore, India),
Cultural Studies Program in Inter-Faculty Initiative in Information Studies,
University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University (Hong Kong),
Program in Cultural Studies, Shanghai University (Shanghai, China), Department of Literary Studies,
Faculty of Huamanities, University of Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia) and institutes which are contracted MOU with IEAS



July 4, 2010~ July 15, 2010 (for 10 days)



Sungkonghoe University in South Korea and other places


School Hours

School hours are 8 days except for Saturday and Sunday. One of the School days will be formed with presentations about their work and thesis, discussions of participants and evaluation time about Summer School. School hours are 6 a day. Total hours are 48.


Purpose of the lectures
  1. We will uncover and share theories and methodologies relating to Inter-Asian Cultural Studies and raise a capability study and theorize mechanisms of inherent or special cultural figures and cultural political phenomena emergent in particular regions.
  2. We will provide participants with a foundation for developing transnational and lateral perspectives, grounds for cognition, and interest in cultural studies by understanding and experimenting with the cultural norms of other regions.
  3. We offer environments and resources through which participants study and can expand and deepen their human networks.
  4. We will develop theories and methodologies relating to Inter-Asian cultural studies and provide a basis   for strengthening the competence of future generations.
  5. We will ultimately compose a reference system of knowledge production and studies on Inter-Asianrelations.


Teaching materials

Textbook : Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Reader (2007)Reference books : Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal and other books individually recommended or suggested by professors.


The manner of lecturing

The Consortium Steering Committee annually selects 6-7 main topics and professors give lectures relating to one topic per day. A lecture will be based on representations, discussions, and evaluations. A class will also be organized around lectures given by one or two professors, group discussions by students,performing assignments, group representations, and discussions with professors.